Mr. Oppenheimer completed his bachelor’s and law degree in Puerto Rico and afterwards obtained a Master of Law in Intellectual Property, Commerce and Technology from the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property of the University of New Hampshire School of Law. Upon completion of his master’s degree, he returned to Puerto Rico and opened his law practice in 2005.

For the past 13 years he has been specializing in federal criminal defense, practicing in the federal Courts in Puerto Rico, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the past 13 years he has represented over 200 federal criminal defendants in a wide array of cases raging from simple misdemeanors to complex capital cases. We have represented defendants in three capital cases all ending up in ‘no-seek’ determinations by the Justice Department.

In his 20-year career Mr. Oppenheimer has worked in almost every area of the law from “A” to “Z” as he jokes, from administrative cases to zooning and everything in between. Civil cases, torts, personal injury, estates, contract disputes, debt collection, bankruptcy, real estate matters including 3 urban development protects from initial permits to drafting purchase deeds for individual residences. He was outside counsel to the Puerto Rico Film Commission and current Examiner of the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau and the Puerto Rico Department of Housing. All these experiences have made him a well-rounded litigant, attorney and advocate.

Mr. Oppenheimer is a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel of the district of Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands representing indigent defendants in federal proceedings